We provide our clients with extensive domestic and international legal services. We have experiences in different sectors which the main fields of experiences are as follows:

1.   Oil and Gas Industry:


We have successfully handled projects with values more than hundreds of millions USD which includes negotiations stages, contract drafting stage, contract management stage, contract claims, debt recovery claims and contract closure. These contracts include both upstream contract and downstream contracts.

We drafted and negotiated:

    Gas Sales Agreements (Take or Pay Agreements)

    Refinery related purchase agreements

    International Purchase and Distribution Contracts

    Industrial Purchase Contract

    Design & Build Contracts

    Consortium Agreements

    Joint Operation Agreements

    Iranian Petroleum Contracts and Iranian Buy Back Contracts

    Heavy Lifting Operations and Services Contracts

    Construction Contracts including civil contracts, electrical, structure and piping contracts

    EPC Contracts

    Evaluating and Analyzing EPC Contracts, mostly related to Oil and Gas fields

    Directional Drilling Contracts

    Offshore Service Contracts

    Joint Venture Agreements

    Site Preparation Agreement

    Corporate and Company issues in Iranian Commercial Act

    License Agreements for refineries

    Debt recovery claims

    Claims related to delays, non-performance etc

    Jacket structuring Contract including Engineering, Fabrication and Installation

    Tie-back contracts

    Build, Operate, Transfer Contracts

2.   Shipping and Maritime Law:


We have experiences in the cases related to the maritime issues including:

    Ship Collison cases:

 we successfully managed all aspects of the Alpine Eternity Collison case with a gas production platform in Persian Gulf on behalf of the owner of the platform.

    Ship Building Contracts:

Our law firm has experiences in drafting and management of the ship building contracts.

    Wreck Removal Contracts

    Offshore heavy lifting contracts

    Seabed Pipeline laying Contracts

    Marine Insurance 

3.   International Commercial Contracts:


Our law firm provides clients with legal services related to the international sales contracts, negotiations of the contracts with the counterparties, preparation of the claims against party in default and dispute settlement services.

We also have experiences in drafting and negotiating license agreements in international scales between Iranian company and international license holder company.

4.   Wind and Solar Projects:


Iran is one the best and suitable places for development of a solar and wind projects for the purpose of production of electricity. We provided clients with legal structures of the solar plant development from the company formation to contractual comments.

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